The summer is past and as we prepare to arrange our lives to accomodate our children and youth as they begin their studies again, let me encouage you to take a special time to pray for our students. We will have a Sunday to recognize them in a Sunday morning service on August 10th. There is going to be a special community prayer time August 3 @ 6:00 PM at Ralph Stout Park. That service will last about 45 minutes so we can go then come back to church then after our worship time go and prayerwalk a school.


Sunday School has a place for you if you are not attending. A class for ages 18 to 29 has been started.


Home Bible studies are available to those who would be led to host one in your home. Speak to Brother Gale if you sense the possiblity of hosting one.


Hope to see you this Sunday.

bro. gale


Friday nights at 6:00 PM all youth are invited to Brother Gale and Leslie's home. We are playing table games and having a good time. Come next Friday and bring a friend.


Inclement Weather???


During times of bad weather we will always try to have times of worship at Bethany. If you feel it is too dangerous for you please do not try to attend, just pray for those who do gather and that God be glorified in our midst.


Make sure to check out our calendar!