A new year is upon us. How will you spend it? It is just like money you will spend it or just let it pass. Let me encouage you to spend it by being faithful in attendance to the house of God. Get involved in the church. If you are a member of Bethany I do hope it will be here, but if not find the place the LORD wants you to serve HIM. 


Understand that it is the will of God for every born again believer to be active and involved in a local Bible believing church fellowship. This begs the question of what is a church. A church is a group of born again people who are led by the LORD to commit themselve to serve the LORD's purpose together in reaching out to a lost and ungodly world with the gospel. It is among these people that God's Word, the Bible is preached and looked upon as the authority for the fellowship. 


If I can be of help to you, let me know.

bro. gale


On Friday January 17 we will host a Hunters' and Gathers' supper. This will happen at 7:00 PM. If bad weather that evening we will wait till Saturday January 18 at 3:00 PM. Johnny McCoy will be sharing a hunting adventure that nearly took his life. He was hunting bear in Alaska. Come and bring a friend.


Inclement Weather???


During times of bad weather we will always try to have times of worship at Bethany. If you feel it is too dangerous for you please do not try to attend, just pray for those who do gather and that God be glorified in our midst.


Make sure to check out our calendar!